Soft Washing Render Cleaning

Soft Washing Render Cleaning is a non-aggressive, and is perfect for cleaning black, green, and red staining from wall render.

Render Walls: Unfortunately, largely because introducing modern wall insulation that has reduced the amount of heat moving through the walls. This has led to a build up of biological growth on the walls, mainly red, black, and green algae. Previously, the heat coming through the walls dried the render and so microbial growth, which likes damp conditions, was considerably less. This meant that walls now acquire very bad colored staining from the algae, meaning that they need to be cleaned much more frequently – usually every three years or so.

Has your render been discolored by green, red or black algae?
We have a wall cleaning solution that is quick, delicate and discourages future growth.

A fraction of the cost of painting and far safer than pressure-washing, which can cause damage and water ingress, our soft-wash solution kills the algae infection ensuring long lasting results.

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